LIMITED EDITION Cream, White & Blur Clase Azul Anejo Tequila Lamp

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These amazing pieces feature:

**A beautiful lamp made from a Clase Azule anejo tequila bottle

**The bottles were all painted by hand in Mexico, each one is unique as it is handmade 

**The thin blue line at the bottom of the bottle represents water which gives life to the agave, the symbol above it represents the heart and soul of the tequila 

**The bottle also featured a 24k gold painted agave leaf emblem and white bell at the top 

**The bottles retail for $500-600

**The bottle has been transformed into a beautiful lamp (with matching gold hardware)

**These bottles are more rare because of the expensive price point 

**Lamp does not include shade or light bulb 

**A great addition to your bar cart, kitchen, den or man cave

**Traditional style plug in lamp 

**Measures 5 inches wide by 25 inches tall 

**Bottom of bottle is stamped with production date 

**A perfect gift for the tequila lover in your life! 

**the bottles are empty, there is no tequila in them